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ST24 Doctrine of Man & Ethics

6:30pm - 8:20pm

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ST24 Doctrine of Man & Ethics

Date and time: Aug 30 | 6:30pm

NT11 Elementary Greek I

Date and time: Sep 12 | 6:00pm

NT21 Intermediate Greek

Date and time: Sep 17 | 9:00am

Book Review: Advances in the Study of GreekPosted Feb 13

Usually in a book review the reviewer summarises the book, provides both pros and cons, and then gives his or her opinion about the value of the book as it relates to its subject and whether or not it is … Continue reading

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The Passing of Dr. Robert MartinPosted Feb 06

Dr. Robert Paul Martin Departed to the Rest Above (February 4, 2016) Since 1989 and its first publication the essay of Bob Martin on “The Legitimacy and Use of Confessions” has stood at the front of my A Modern Exposition of … Continue reading

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The Slick-Waldron Debate:  The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (part 5)Posted Jan 28

One or two more matters should come up for discussion before I finish my post-game analysis of the Slick-Waldron debate over the gifts of prophecy, tongues, and healing.  Here, I think, we pass from the good things I learned and … Continue reading

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FResource Man as PriestA Man as Priest in His Home
Small Group Video Study

The concern in this study is rooted in that great calling to serve one another. As Christian husbands and fathers, how should we view our ministry to our family? When our teenager has just vaulted into the annals of history with the stupidity and sinfulness of his behavior, how should we respond? When we let our wives down, how do we respond? When our families are struggling, how do we help them? What kind of ministry should we have in our home?

In this ten session study series, Dr. Sam Waldron paints a biblical portrait of a man's calling to be a priest in his home. For more information, please check out this study on CBTS Pathway.