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Hebrew Syntax and Exegesis

6:30pm - 7:45pm

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Hebrew Syntax and Exegesis

Date and time: Oct 02 | 6:30pm

Prolegomena I: Theological Method and Apologetics

Date and time: Nov 11 | 6:30pm

Reformed Baptist Covenant Theology

Date and time: Jan 08 | 8:00am

Growth in Grace 12 — Perseverance Must Be Supplied with GodlinessPosted Oct 01

Satan is the great liar and deceiver.  The most effective lies always have an element of truth in them.  In line with this Satan is the great counterfeiter, and you know that counterfeiting always requires something of real, substantial value … Continue reading

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Growth in Grace 11 — Self-control Must Be Supplied with PerseverancePosted Sep 29

One of the dangers that Christians face, especially as they get older, is the danger of becoming too comfortable in the world.  They become unaccustomed to suffering, trial, and affliction for the sake of Christ and the gospel.  They forget … Continue reading

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Dr. Sam Waldron Video on the 1689 Baptist Confession and Baptist DistinctivesPosted Sep 26

In light of the upcoming conference Baptists, Confessionalism and the Providence of God, Dr. Sam Waldron has recorded a series of brief videos on the topics that he will be addressing. Here is the second video:

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FResource Man as PriestA Man as Priest in His Home
Small Group Video Study

The concern in this study is rooted in that great calling to serve one another. As Christian husbands and fathers, how should we view our ministry to our family? When our teenager has just vaulted into the annals of history with the stupidity and sinfulness of his behavior, how should we respond? When we let our wives down, how do we respond? When our families are struggling, how do we help them? What kind of ministry should we have in our home?

In this ten session study series, Dr. Sam Waldron paints a biblical portrait of a man's calling to be a priest in his home. For more information, please check out this study on CBTS Pathway.